NOTE: In recent years, thousands of cities, colleges, and companies have joined with states and nations in pledging to achieve deep (net zero) reductions in GHG emissions. Global GHG emissions exceed 45 billion tons (or Gigatons) annually — the equivalent of a large volcanic eruption occurring every 10 hours throughout the course of a year — and has been called a super-wicked problem. The social cost of atmospheric emissions (referred to as SCARs) is estimated to exceed $5 trillion per year. Many institutions have yet to make the pledge, and even among those making the pledge many are falling short of their targets. There are two key items essential for successfully achieving the pledges: timely, high-quality information for wise decision-making and sufficient capital resources to finance the necessary changes. The following 4C initiative highlights a win-win-win partnership opportunity for campuses, cities, companies and citizens to realize these two key items. …


Michael P Totten

CEO, AssetsforLife. Nearly a half century training as a planetary physician. Yale degree in life-long learning, specializing in curiosity. Native of Milky Way.

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